Money is Silver and Gold

June 15, 2021

As social media matures, creatives turn to business men, and the destructive patterns of social media are discovered, the productive uses for social media change. Executive communication being foremost. Business Heads have got to keep their message on the same accord as the people, and the people want dialogue. They want to know what to look out for, what’s going on in the company, new products. For customers especially, investing their brands in the company. They want to know where the company is going, and where it is on fixing a feature or glitch.

Though social media platforms are the delivery systems, hours of upkeep and endless posting is a waste of productive time. Unless, you’re going in that direction of life.

Hearing Donald Trump being boldly spoke of as a friend, is another angle of humanity. Like, when you’re talking shit with your friends, that’s what Robert Kiyosaki is talking about..  Watch the video, even if you’ve seen it before, its a good recap. Listen with discretion, if for nothing else, to know people like this are here, they’re called bankers and capitalist, they are players in our income system and they’re great to have a couple beers with.