Mama’s Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies

 by Mama J.
January 10, 2024

I only started getting into science fiction in the past couple of years. Before, it was hard enough just to deal with our world without trying to understand another one. These days I find the other worlds that people create comforting.

While there are still A LOT of sci-fi movies I still need to see, here is a list of my current top 5:

5. Donnie Darko

This one was introduced to me by my husband and really kicked off the start of our relationship. I love my “world ending” movies so this definitely caught my attention. Plus, the rabbit costume is enough to pull anyone’s eyes from their phone at least for a few minutes.

4. War of the Worlds

This was one of the very first science fiction movies that I saw. Any time I saw it on the guide, I would turn it on and watch it all the way through. It didn’t spark a love for science fiction when I was younger but it was one of the few movies in the genre that I enjoyed.

3. Jurassic Park

Classic. How can you go wrong with Jurassic Park? I love this series and frequently go back and watch it. Here’s to hoping that my children have at least some sort of dinosaur phase so that we can watch this together!

2. Back to the Future

If I said that I never dreamed of having a hoverboard after this movie, I would be lying. Back to the Future was so much fun with just enough cringe to make me watch it over and over again.

1. Star Wars

I had to put Star Wars on the list. I can’t say that I watched them a ton but I do love them. In fact, I think after this it might just be time to go watch the series again.

I’m not going to claim to be a sci-fi nerd but I do love movies and these are definitely up there on my list of favorites. If I made a list of all of my favorite movies I don’t think it would even fit on here.

If you haven’t seen any of these, I would highly recommend watching them!

Until next time!

– Mama J.