Love and Money – Finding a Relationship That Will Elevate You Both

February 03, 2022

by Chris Harris

Finding love in the 21st century is a treacherous game. With the luxuries of the modern world isolating us more and more, knowing how to find the right person can feel impossible. Luckily, the situation is far from hopeless.

With radical honesty, and some healthy self-awareness, finding a partner who lifts you up is refreshingly easy. 


For better or worse, money truly does make the world go round. Ignoring this fact of life when looking for a partner is one of the most common mistakes people make in their search for love. A strong relationship is built on mutual support. Financial disparity can lead to a relationship where this support just isn’t possible. It’s not about forgetting human kindness or compassion; it’s about recognizing what you want out of life and not being afraid to go get it.

Know Your Needs and Stick by Them 

No one wants to be with a man who can’t give them what they need. To be clear, we’re not just talking about how much “stuff” he can buy you; it’s much deeper than that. When looking for a soulmate, you need to stay true to yourself. That means being clear about what you want out of a relationship and making the right decision when you learn a guy can’t give you what you need. 

The right guy will match your level, not bring you down to his.

Stick to the following rules of thumb when looking for the right guy: 

  • Choose guys who recognize your worth and appreciate your value 
  • Know the kind of life you want and choose a partner who will share that life with you 
  • Reward honesty and kindness when you see it 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s important to figure out a guy’s relationship to money and his own aspirations. 

Financial Literacy and Why it Matters 

Part of becoming an adult is developing a healthy relationship to money and what it means in this world. The sooner you realize that the numbers in your bank account are just points in a game we’re all playing, the sooner you’ll be on the road to success. It’s time to ask yourself what kind of life you’re looking for. Look for a woman who will help you get there.

Remember the following: 

  • The money you have determines your access to life 
  • A stable life and financial independence go hand in hand 
  • Caring about money doesn’t make you a bad person

We’re not here to say whether this is a good thing; it’s just how the world works. Sharing a life with someone means supporting another human being. This takes patience, love, kindness and, you guessed it, money. Before you can find the right partner, you’ll need to get familiar with your own money goals and aspirations. Only then will the right woman appear. 

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