April 27, 2023

Fame was coming his way through every corner and vessel. He had understood fame in context of history, but tonight it became his own. He said, I felt it happen. Everyone’s eyes became the same.

Backstage he was instantly more alone than ever before. The sound rumbled behind his dressing room door. It scared him, the sound moved the door.

He knew it couldn’t be stopped, he would become the greatest song and dance man of all time.

The next morning he sits on the side of his bed, and his manager, co-manager, agent, attorney, personal lawyer, therapist, A&R, publicists, Executive Assistant team, father, girlfriend, social media managers and content producers are barking business deals and various endorsements opportunities at him; all of which they would receive some sort of kickback from… He watches their faces and mouths foam with greed, it almost makes him chuckle. Because he was only going to do what was best for him and his woman, regardless of what anyone said. He keeps his head on a swivel. George, he say’s in his calm tenor voice. The Attorney says, yes…

After last nights performance I’m sure there’s new representation trying to contact me for all the positions in this room, I’d like to hear, the serious offers and discuss what they can bring to improve our organization. His manager cuts him off-

..but there’s money to grab before this frenzy dies down, Adam Stands up, and says quietly “When I am speaking, there will be no interruptions. George, you are my Attorney & a trusted friend of my family, and now have the authority to hire and fire, with my consent. If your decisions harm our organization, I will fire you. I expect all decisions of behalf of my career to be made with enthusiasm, integrity, innovation, imagination and dignity. The room is quiet… Adam’s sister who has fame of her own, and he respects her as formidable.

Is peaking her head into his room, where he and his executives sit. She says, Jim (that’s her nickname for him) I need your help on a project, you got time?  He says “of course”.

8 Months Later…

Adam yells to his mother, Julie stole my idea and now her project is bigger than mine!  I was going to use that for myselff, Adam says. “Mom, I asked him for help, we worked on the idea all day and he said to me YES I could have it. Their older brother adds, I was there ma, he told Jules she could have it, I heard em’.

Adam looks at his mother, with his lips pursed and eyes drenched in sarcasm and says, Really… really mom.. we’re listening to him… I’m not even going to go there Mom. Grape Head, his brother yells, CHICKEN-FACE Adam returns! They’re Mother calms the room down, and says, Adam you gave the idea to your Sister, and even if not… It’s her’s now. Congratulate your Sister on her phenomenal success, the same way your brothers congratulated you, for yours; and make it from the heart Adam.

Humbling himself, gathering his composer, Adam say’s to Julie, congratulations Jules, you kilt it man. Julie smiles, like ‘eyyyy

Back in his room, Adam lays in bed, with his woman and dog Abraham. He say’s, Its very important to have family members you can trust and listen to. Trust- regardless of the situation, trust their words are guided by Love and intended for your preservation. My family understands very well, that at this point in the game the word is all there is.