If you have a product to sell, its difficult to get money to advertise it properly.

Ebay, IG, and Facebook are solid platforms to get cheap advertising and show your products to people. Although moving enough product to be self sustainable is a pipe dream unless you have pretty serious capital.

Here's a strategic approach:

Drop Shipping, Affiliate Partnerships, and Direct to Consumer are the new wave. Let's breakdown Drop shipping. Before we get started, keep in mind; It's not magic, it's passive income. Passive income requires an investment of time, understanding how it works and a lot of attention.

The average income for a Drop Shipper is anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 per month. Consider what you're doing: curating items from suppliers and selling them in a single location at prices you set. This is not rocket science. Treat it like a business, it'll generate income.

The things you need:

1) Niche Selection

Choosing the right niche is crucial. Look for products with sufficient demand but limited competition. Consider targeting niche audiences with specific needs or interests.

2) Quality Suppliers

Partner with reliable suppliers who offer high-quality products, competitive prices, and efficient shipping. Building strong relationships with suppliers can ensure smoother operations and better customer satisfaction.

3) Optimized hosting platform

The next thing you need is a place to host your products. Select a hosting platform that offers user-friendly design, fast loading times, easy navigation, and mobile responsiveness. You want to make sure you host where you can share your brand information and expertise along side your products and can create a visually appealing destination that showcases your products effectively.

4) Call to Action Buttons

You need to incorporate clear call-to-action buttons to drive quick sales.

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5) Brand Development

Build a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience. As a Drop shipper, people shop with you because your Brand is a trusted source. Curate products that deliver results, that's the key to return shoppers.

Tell your customers why you chose the product and how it helps them reach their desired outcome. It will increase sales.

6) Effective Marketing

Utilize SMS telemarketing, email marketing, social media, content marketing, and influencer partnerships to reach your target audience.

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7) Adaptability

Stay agile and flexible in your approach to selecting products. Adapt to changes in the market and stay abreast of your competition.

 PRO TIP: As a drop shipper, its recommended to start with a single product or niche products in line with your expertise. Eventually you're going to want to diversify the types of products you sell. StudioLink is a conduit to connect all your bestselling products to a single destination - feature your bestsellers from a handful of categories with a purchase buttons for each product.