November 27, 2021

Many families struggle to provide their children with a competitive education. Preparation for college is imperative to a child’s academic success. Colleges begin looking at transcripts as early as sophomore year of high school, this is when limitations in education are seen. From this point forward, students must have the skills, habits, and tools to build a transcript that will grant access to the opportunities the education system promises. 

Education is essential for the health and confidence of every child. MASKLA STUDIO has partnered with the Orbit Education Fund and Pasadena Community Foundation to earn money and provide free tutoring services for the children of Pasadena. Our goal is to provide students (grades 3-12) with the assistance they need to continue their academic pursuits without limitation. 

MASKLA STUDIO is donating earnings from every sales made towards a free tutoring program with an emphasis on reading, writing, science, and arithmetic. You can leave our store knowing your purchase is helping Pasadena’s children succeed, so join us today in providing this necessary educational aid.