The Secret Thoughts of Men

July 01, 2021

The true difficulty of being a man, is keeping it together. Managing your feelings is a necessary strength for a man. Every day, he steps out his home and into the streets to fight for the survival of those he loves; in ways they’ll never know. All they’ll know is the lights stay on. All men have someone to answer to, no matter how high he is, all men have someone to answer to and people to protect. If how he feels govern what he does, he fails, that’s a difficult thing to wrestle with because when he fails, he fails everyone who looks to him as their rock. The figure able to be still in the waves of emotion. Sometimes bleeding, salt water fuckin’ him up. He keeps their ship on course. What it takes is Love. He goes to a place he cannot explain, he draws on this Love to keep going and self correct. How is love implanted in a man?

One moment it’s not there, the next moment it is, like a brick through his heart, love hits him. Love at first sight is real and full of responsibility.

It’s smart to take your time. To move patiently you must be steady, even in the storm. The value of those you love and respect matter most. Learn the emotional intelligence of not judging others, when they are judging you. Absorb it with understanding and Love. The goal is to stay on course, you have to stay on course; there are people who depend on you. Struggling with that is man’s battle; it’s not his war, it’s one of his battles. Work with friends who are bosses, use 1099’s. Do good business, to gain respect. Pray and have good faith in God. Do what He says. Always