Hide in your Sweetness

February 09, 2022

Yo, time is crazy; it does so many different things. Remember to always use The Ethic of Jesus Christ to guide you. It’s God’s Wisdom. Read John.1.

Then go to Hebrew. 11: 1-3. Things that we see, are made of things which do not appear. What we do matters, it’s the ethic we use to hold one another in high esteem. This is the foundation of respect between man.

What is your Ethic. Through your ethic I know you. If you are true to your ethic, you will gain my respect. If you’re ethic is peaceful, I’ll hold you in high esteem. Walk this road with all of your commitment, all of your heart and mind, and watch the Word turn from milk to meat, as your mind and soul develops.

2 Peter 1:5-8

Expand your vocabulary, and deepen your understanding of the invisible nature. Check out, Hebrew 11:3 again. Things are made – which can be seen, by things which do not appear. Deepening your understanding of the things that do not appear, will give you insight and improve your mental strength.