Hidden Insecurities

May 26, 2021

Insecurities hide inside of women like nuclear bombs. Effecting who they have sex with, what pleasure they look to derive, how they deal with fear, how present they are as partners and most of all, what they think of themselves.

Lots of people have difficult childhoods. The trauma and pain often stays with them throughout life. But, it does more than stay, it evolves, parts of the pain become silent, and without being fully aware, these difficulties become a leading factor in who you are becoming. This is especially dangerous for women, because it will make her feel like she is not worthy of the life she desires. While men are taught that pain, trauma, heartache and disappointment are a part of life, so deal with it and you’ll probably have a heart attack at 50. It’s very different for Women. Women are often beat down early and emotionally stabbed in bad relationships. Unable to shake the effects or even fully understand the cause until much later. She’s sent on a winding road only women can know. The scars of her past relationships have taught her that when she gives herself, she will be introduced to pain and insecurity. 

Preparing a woman to deal with the insecurities of womanhood  is another level. It keeps fathers up at night. Who will tell our daughters that surviving the difficulty of childhood is a success. To use the little things in life to build them up; no matter how small the achievement, success breeds success. Each success her mind realizes, the closer she will become to achieving the life she is after. She may have 10 successes in one day, and not realize them, but did recognize the voice of her insecurities; and a successful day is gone.

Compound 15 years of successful days,  or compound 15 years of days guided by insecurities. They’re the same days, but 2 very different people emerge.

Believing that you can make it happen is what builds confidence. So each success is imperative to building that structure within yourself. This is confidence, its built by celebrating the small success.

Confidence is top 3 of the most important things you will need to choose the correct mate. You need the confidence to say no. You need confidence to say, I’m not a gold digger, but I don’t mess with broke Ninja’s. You need confidence in yourself to hold your head up after a heartbreak. You need confidence to stand alone if need be; and not become angry. You need confidence to work while hurt, and cry knowing you will not break.