Fear of Failure (Pool House Teaser)

July 18, 2021

Fear of Failure

We all will fail in life, its part of life. We know this to be true, and yet, when we experience our own failures, we feel alone and can be excruciatingly hard on ourselves.

Gentlemen, you know how it goes when on hunt. You most likely ask girls (plural) out. You don’t ask girl (singular) out. Why? Because you have learned from experience that dating is a numbers game. The chances of failure are high, but the chance of success goes up the more girls you ask out. You’re taking into account: the fact that you will fail, attempting to adjust your strategy accordingly. 

*The Same goes for dating apps, you don’t just swipe right on one female and call it a day. You play the odds, and swipe right on a gang of women. 

Failing can be a painful hit to the ego. Picking yourself up over and over, and trying again is almost too much for most to bear. 

A lot of good men and women are afraid to put their heart on the line for one person. Afraid to put themself into relationships with both feet. This, of course comes from fear. Fear paralyzes, prevents you from moving.  Your life will stop growing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are basic fears that we have all experienced in relationships. If not identified and dealt with, they affect our ability to find, and maintain healthy romantic love. We must give ourselves the freedom to fail, in order to not be afraid.