Don’t Let Them Too Close

June 18, 2021

What happens to a woman who allows herself to be used for pleasure alone. She’s given the finest clothes, driven in the most luxurious cars. Travels as she pleases, and is desired by men and women alike. Giving herself to pleasure, her beauty changes the molecules of the room she enters. It started at 13, boys and men would vow for her attention. She lost her virginity at 14, to a man deep in his twenties. The world looked different to her, as soon as he came and she saw how weak he had become. Every man who looked at her from that point forward, she knew she could dominate.

High School was a bore, she couldn’t relate to the students. The things they talked about were so unbelievably unimportant. Everyone liked her Asian eyes, the way they slid across her face and how her nipples pointed upwards. Complemented by her thick hips, full lips and dark brown hair; She knew she was different. She felt like she already knew everything she needed to know. She had no use for money: her beauty was her currency. School, reading assignments, math things of this nature, she felt were slowing her down. She knew already she’d have to be strong, because the people she wanted to be around were only interested in the pleasure her mind and body had to give. She had so much pleasure to give, it was difficult for her to think about anything else. She didn’t expect anyone to understand giving pleasure is her gift, and she had a thousand ways to give it, and thousands of people who wanted it. She saw it in everyone who looked at her, she’d been seduced long ago by this gift she holds inside. She saw sadness in her father’s eyes, his fear for her, as he knew he was powerless to stop what she would become. Where ever she would go, doors opened, and the bill was paid in full. This astonished her family and the few friends she had. Why is it they wondered, people found joy in removing the obstacles in her way, but she knew, the gift.

How does she know so much about life, and the way things move and operate. When her sister went to prom, she told her “keep your mouth and legs closed, eyes open”. She peeped from the time she was a little girl, people would always try to get her talking. The more she’d talk, the closer they’d get. By the age of 17 her life had begun, and she knew things only beauty could teach.

The only one who truly knows her, is her therapist, whom she shares the most private and strangest parts of herself. Now a fully cognitive woman of 25, who frequents Dubai, Russia, Greece, Brazil, The Riviera, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, East Africa, India, New York, Paris and many private Islands, she is in full bloom and has tasted the delicacies and rare animal meats of the Earth. In fact, her Therapist deducted that she had seen one third of the civilized world. This was marvelous epiphany to the therapist, and something to be proud of she explained. Completely bored with these types of deductions, the woman chuckled, and said to her therapist, People like you will never understand, you think travel is the luxury, its not. A beach is a beach, anywhere you go sand and water. A penthouse is a penthouse, every where you go, a Rolls Royce is a Rolls Royce where ever you go, the luxury is having a home. Where you don’t have to give pleasure, you can make someone angry and they stay, you can fight and they don’t leave, home. I want a home, but the things I’ve seen, and let be done I cannot come back from. When I was young… I was just a girl, how could I have known to use my gift to bring pleasure to a home. A man, ah… she laughs out load, the stupid things they’ve said to me, I could fill a book. The therapist was actively listening, her entire body had moved closer to the woman. She stoped talking immediately, and clasped her hands over her face, knowing eventually she would self destruct.