Dinner Activities

March 08, 2023

I’ve got some things to run past you as well, so let’s talk soon. He say’s to his Brother. I’m free tonight around 8, after dinner activities… Sounds good (boop, he turns off his phone, and sets it on a tray with 5 other phones). The man heads to the dinner table and joins his family. He sits down, let’s bless the food. His wife, 3 daughters and son bow their heads. He begins to pray, Heavenly Father in whom we move, breathe and have our being, we give you thanks for the blessings of the day; those we are aware of and those we are not. We ask you to bless this food for the health and substance of our bodies. We ask that you will continue to bless the hands of my wife who has prepared this food, and the means you have given, that we may have it. We ask you these things God, and give you thanks for these things in the perfect name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

He say’s his son’s name, the boy turns his head towards his father. Ok,ok,ok, he says, I asked her to the dance… She said maybe. Maybe! His eldest sister Thalia said. Hey Boy, you never let a woman put you on hold. If she does not know now, you tell her: I cannot wait for you to choose me, maybe next time. The middle sister says, ooooohhh brother if you tell her like that, her girlfriends will be all over you. The family’s in laughter, when the Father say’s, Son, when she didn’t say yes how’d you feel? The young boy said thoughtfully, I could tell she was thinking; she is the prettiest girl in school so I know she has options, as do I. But, I think I like what Thalia said. Not because it will make her girlfriends think of me, but because it is who I am. Right on Brother, the siblings slap hands. After the clap of the hands, the middle sister Sheena say’s, and I will elevate the status of this family with my marriage. And that is my gift to you Mother and Father for all the Love you’ve given us. In the scattered of chants of I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD from all 4 children, the man and his wife look at each other like what the Fuuck.

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