June 25, 2021

Completely orchestrated in technology, Crypto Currency is the next thing. Hip hop, born in 1973 has had its effect on the World and its economies; the next thing is Crypto Currency.

Crypto will be as big as Hip Hop is today.

Phenomenons like Hip Hop become omnipresent as they permeate global markets. Hip Hop is the socially accepted paradigm, for the voice of the people. Cryptocurrency will, simply put, be their medium of exchange. People who play video games have an upper hand in transferring to a crypto-currency lifestyle. They are accustomed to seeing value in points. For a gamer, it’s far easier to think of money as points, instead of something tangible. As crypto-currencies normalize, lots of wealth will change hands.

If the new hands holding the wealth value their global interest over their American business, the American economy is in trouble.

From 1979 to 1984, popular culture thought Hip Hop was a fad. Rumblings of how it would not last, and its lack of value was the majority opinion. You hear the same rap about Crypto today.

There’s no way of telling, how effecting our economic system so drastically will alter the lives of the worlds people.

(Crypto actually means, hidden, secret or concealed)