Content is King

October 07, 2023

When you chose a man be aware of what you are embarking on. Someone to  join yourself in submission to (if that makes sense). The 3 most important questions:

  • Who is his God.
  • Who does he serve.
  • What are his plans for the immaterial part of you (Your soul).

When you can explain back to him, who his God is, who he serves, and what plans he has for the safety of your soul; make your choice. When you choose him, you’ve made the most important decision of your life.

Don’t be simple with this decision, be aware. As a culture we are brand loyalist. Turn it around… We are Brand Loyalist as a Culture. Most men design themselves and become loyal to an idea (The Culture) is presenting to them. Which is why those 3 questions are so important, they penetrate the media.

The Culture is us. Media is the Culture’s god, and Content is King.

Content is, every word, video and photo you post to social media. Do something new with your Content.

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