Compromise is not a Solution

April 30, 2023

Compromise is not a Solution Pt. I: Pride

Pride is often misunderstood. Simplified, pride is when you can only see your perspective, that is being proud. (1)When the cause of a problem are the flaws in others, all you’re seeing is “Your” perspective; that’s pride.

Again, pride is when you can only see your perspective. (2)Pride comes before the downfall. Listen to the people who can explain with impunity the faults of others, and surgically explain their perspective as the answer. These people are filled with pride. Following them will cause you to fall.

Being proud is built in to many cultures and traditions. It’s also built into societal gender standards. Often times, pride is mistaken for intelligence. People who think of themselves as intellectuals are often filled with pride. The only solve for pride is humility. Where people are humble, there’s wisdom.

In a situation where one direction has negative consequences, and the other direction has greater negative consequences: Compromise is not a solution. Continue searching for options. The correct one exist.