June 21, 2021

There is a Tic-Toc challenge where people say, this is my age, this my sign, this is where I live, this is what I like. This is where I’m from, this is what I do, this is who I love, how about you? This is much more effective than a static dating profile, with several pictures taken from different points in the persons life attached. The challenge allows a person’s charm and personality to be felt. Providing potential suitors with a magnetic pull, to increase the likelihood of a favorable connection.

Lots of times people believe things change. Because of whatever variables, be it technology, gender norms, media etc. But thankfully we have bureaucrats, so the game doesn’t change. Our delivery systems improve. But it still comes down to boy meets girl, boy better not say something stupid or boy loses girl. However, there’s a skill set that will supersede all egocentric solutions.

Everybody wants to be chosen. The heart does what the heart desires. If a man spends all his money taking care of his family, he choose to spend his money that way. He did not have to. This is a major benefit of marrying a man (of course, nothing is absolute). Understand what your dating profile is saying, “choose me” and “these are the things I believe give me value”. Think of it like being in high school, you want to stand out in your particular crowd. The largest social effect social media has had on our self-image is often over looked. Most healthy human beings, are not psychologically fit to stand out in the type of crowds social media builds; and not being noticed severally effects self-image. People will go to extreme lengths to be seen.

The truth is, finding someone you would marry is a rare happening. It is far more common to date incessantly. Never understanding that your dating profile is everything you do and say on the social media platforms you use.