Children of Celebrities

September 10, 2022

A Collage of Celebrity Children

We should give the children of celebrities additional empathy. Surly, we as adults can empathize with how radicle their lives seem to be, imaging the inside, the very different reality. Children, just as we were once; but living in a world surrounded by commerce. Imagine, being numb to the feeling of driving in a Rolls Royce at the age of 14. 

Our celebrities are treasured parts of our society. We refer to them as kings, queens, princes & princesses.  Celebrities determine the thought patterns of their society. Increase the value of  products and attract new audiences to experiences. The amount of time, money, strategy, focus, energy and smarts it takes to be a successful celebrity, is equal to acumen of a brain sergeant. 

Their ups and downs of life, are our entertainment; and you’re a kid trying to make sense of all that’s happening around you. 

Realities of life are forced upon the children of our celebrities, when they should be counting Sheep with their imaginations in bloom.  Parents do all they can to defend their innocence and protect their young minds; but surrounding their children with spectacle, expensive products and brand messages is all their fame and money can do. Every adult can appreciate the difficulty of this situation, and help celebrity parents by being compassionate, not mean.

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