May 29, 2021

The first thing you do is incorporate yourself. Go to the business department of whatever bank you use. Tell them, you want a DBA.

The important difference this will make in your life is that you are fully responsible for your taxes.

After your DBA is complete. When you receive your paycheck from work, it will have (considerably) less tax deductions. This is because, they paying you as a Company, not an Employee. You’re being paid through your DBA.

Lower your cost of living 30% deposit the 30% into a BofA Savings account. You can get one over the phone. Get rid of your debit card. Put yourself on a budget, example “Bob spends $200 per. week”. After successfully doing this for 4 months, up the percentage to 40%.

There are two ways to grow money, generate more wealth or spend less. The above is combination of both.


We aren’t under attack. Small and mid-size businesses are being set free, to succeed or fail. With tax re-organization and mounting competition, the environment is rich for business to thrive. Whenever there’s disruption in the political / financial organism it causes cracks. These cracks provide new pathways to economic opportunities.

When teenagers are building scalable platforms, we should all be looking to micro-enterprise. There are plenty platforms, that will serve exactly what your business needs. Be creative, look around. Everyone is building cool stuff. You don’t have to be cut throat, to take full advantage of available resources.


The most common answer is yourself. Sell yourself. But listen to that, it doesn’t even sound right… Sell yourself.

How ’bout we don’t. How about we keep ourselves. Humankind is amazingly creative. Stop looking outside the box for invention. Look and see what’s right in front of your face. Get as close to your face as you’ve ever been.

Begin there. Because, its not far off. Its actually right in front of you; it’s attainable, with less preparation, less of a learning curve and less capital.