One For All

December 12, 2023

Objectively speaking, Cornel West is the vote for 2024. We have data on what Biden’s Administration did for America, we have data on what Trump’s Administration did for America. Compromise is not a solution. Neither of them are correct for a melting pot of culture, religion, philosophy and race like the United States Of America.

One For All, The Presidency of Dr. Cornell West.  United by 1 flag, 1, language, 1 currency, freedom of speech and religion: The concept behind this Creed, is too guarantee that the Country remains in control through their unified vote. Less divisions in society, stronger the political leverage of society.

What America has become, is a nation of people segregated into groups too small to leverage political power.

Listen to Dr. Cornel West speak. There’s hundreds of his lectures, speeches and special events on YouTube, dating back to the 1970’s; and his message is consistent. He speaks of political and moral justice, and truth as a choice each human being must make every day. And what makes America a beckon of light, is not material. Its the hope for continued democracy. Dr. West is one of America’s most skilled Politicians.

Cornel West is a social-political disciple of Martin Luther King Jr. and several other freedom fighters (who are worth researching for a clear understanding of his points of view). He speaks of these people with passion and impunity whenever he gets the chance; watch the video