360 degrees

July 15, 2021

Think of every situation as a circle. A circle has 360 degrees, but in this scenario each degree is a perspective and there’s multiple perspectives between each degree. Each perspective leads to a different place. There’s one perspective in every situation that is Christianity. However, there are millions, billions of perspectives, some differentiated by one word.

How many arguments do these perspectives cause. Perspectives that cause conditions ranging from racism, to conditions which cause envy.

There are two ways to stop an argument that everyone has access to at all times: an agreement of peace and respect. Respect is easier to maintain, because the body itself is at war with peace. An agreement to the ethic of peace, is Christianity.

Christianity is an ethic, that has an invisible structure which includes repentance and baptism.

Respect is an inner constitution given and received between men. Respect is a bond of fairness, trust, effort and approval. It has similar tenets as a brotherhood. Christianity is also referred to, as the Bond of Peace.

Relationships structured in Christianity and Respect will defeat every dispute in absolute terms.