May 27, 2021

Ordering food is life changing, if only for the time it saves. Financial life is more than cash, assets and savings. Time and consistency are the most important parts of financial life. There are services that deliver refrigerated meals, not frozen. A company called “Freshly” delivers Chef cooked healthy meals at approximately $10.00 per meal (This is not an Ad). On average, a meal takes 3 minutes to heat. 10 meals for $100.00 per week, give or take a couple dollars. The nutritional balance you have after one of these meals is a different eating experience. 2 hours later, by habit you’ll want something salty and crunchy, but your body’s nutritionally balanced, and you can feel it. Going against habit, you don’t snack, your body doesn’t want to. Then you realize how good you feel, and it freaks you out a little.  That feeling, nutritional balance and time is what the $100.00 per week buys. If middle-school students and up ate this way for breakfast & lunch, young America would thrive.

  • More time together, no clean up, more energy cost 1 hundred dollars a week, plus 50.00 dollars (per week) for additional food. Six hundred dollars a month to fuel 2 adult bodies with premium octane.

The idea of re-thinking the use of money, to increase health and efficiency first. Build capital for investment second, and save for travel, vacation and getting high third, will make life affordable.

Moving into a global future, the cost of living will continue to rise. Re-thinking our relationship with money and health is necessary. Maintaining a nutritionally balanced body is very difficult, through buying groceries and cooking. It requires time and consistency. Earning money, also requires time and consistency. As well as, building a tight-knit home where there is trust and financial intelligence. The people of America are often distracted from the essential things. Most importantly understanding they must, take full responsibility for their health. The doctors Americans have access to are mechanics, our bodies are the cars. Who’s responsible for your car, you or the mechanic. Secondly, that the poverty line in America is $69,000.00 a year.

It takes time to make moves, you never know what’s coming and keeping your motivation on point is a serious thing. When your body is nutritionally balanced, it does not crave for salt and sugar as often, and focus increases. With increased focus time, build. With the capital you build, invest. Invest means: Expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial plans.