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No more scattered recipes saved across platforms

Upgrade your Recipe delivery capabilities with StudioLink.

  • Compatible with All Platforms

StudioLink allows you to easily link to, and embed recipes from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and recipe blogs.

Spend more time enjoying your meals, and less time searching for your recipes.

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Customize Your Culinary Finds

Personalize your recipe collection with text, video, photos, and other media.
Elevate your recipe-sharing and impress your friends and colleagues.

  • Streamlined Recipe Browsing

StudioLink displays your recipes in a clear and concise format, with ingredients and instructions front and center.

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Easily reorder modules to keep your favorite new recipes up top!

Recipe sharing made simple.

Text recipes directly to friends and family, choosing your preferred level of detail—share individual recipes or your entire collection.

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Simplify Grocery Shopping

  • Ingredient List / Grocery Delivery
  • Once your recipe is introduced, the ingredients can be purchased and delivered with the tap of a button.

  • Recipe Checklist
  • StudioLink, sets up your Ingredient List as a checklist for people to use while shopping, so no ingredient is left behind.

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